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Tiny Tigers


3 & 4 years

30 min class 1x per week


This program is a 30-minute unparented preschool class that introduces kids to the skills and concepts of karate. The focus is on teaching basic karate techniques such as blocks, punches, kicks and stances while building confidence, respect, listening skills, hard work and FUN! Kids will develop focus, balance, and coordination through drills and games. We also incorporate light and supervised point sparring and self-defense to ‘bully proof’ your child and give them the ability and confidence to deal with any ‘bad guys’ they might encounter!

One of the most important lessons we teach even our littlest martial arts kids is that learning karate gives them the confidence and ability to protect themselves and others but it also comes with responsibility. We frequently discuss non-violent conflict resolution and that it is never okay to use the skills they learn in karate to intentionally try and hurt another person. We do not train bullies and the kids know that there is a time and a place for their karate moves to be used, although we hope they never are in a situation where they have to use them.



Little Ninjas


5 & 6 years

45 min class 1x per week


This 45-minute unparented class is the perfect introduction for young children to get a basic understanding of karate while having fun and developing good habits. We believe that children need structure and responsibility and given the opportunity, they will rise to our expectations. They learn all of the same concepts as the students in our regular programs through some play, games and tons of movement!

The curriculum in this class includes basic punches, kicks, blocks, stances, kata, light point sparring, weapon sparring and self-defense. We talk about what kind of ‘bad guys’ to watch out for and how to respond if they ever find themselves in a situation they might need to use their karate skills. We reinforce that every child has the right to stand up for themselves and protect themselves if needed but we make sure to discuss conflict resolution strategies. Our dojo is a safe place for kids to TRY new things and do their best.


Family Karate

7+ years

1 hour class 2x per week


Families who practice karate together, stick together!

This class is 1 hour twice a week and focuses on building both physical and mental skills as well as building lifelong character traits like respect, discipline, self-esteem, and conflict resolution. There are multiple family classes in the schedule and students are placed in classes according to their belt rank so that as they advance, their learning continues to progress. Curriculum includes blocks, punches, kicks, stances, kata, point sparring, weapon sparring, self-defense, and understanding how and when it is appropriate to use their skills

Students age 7+ can train in the same class with siblings and parents so that not only are they getting instruction in class, but they can practice together at home. Many of our adults started training simply because their kids were enrolled in classes and they had difficulty helping them practice at home. So they joined too and they can get a great workout while spending quality time with their children.


Teen Black Belt and Adult Advanced

13+ years

1 hour class 4x per week


Students who have earned the rank of red belt or higher have the opportunity to take their training to the next level in this new class that will be running 4 DAYS A WEEK. Instructors will vary from class to class so that not only will students get a more diverse curriculum and skill set, but they will also learn from multiple instructors who each have their own style and experiences to offer our students.

Skills taught in this class include advanced punches, kicks, blocks, high-level Shotokan kata, weapon kata, point sparring, weapon sparring, self-defense, dealing with multiple attackers, as well as elite competition training. Conditioning in this class is essential to being able to excel, so we will spend time in each class working on developing overall strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.